Hispanic Gunman In Allen, TX? Twitter Said So Hours Ago, MSM And Local Cops Still Mum
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A mass shooting in Allen, TX seems to have ended with the gunman dead. Someone pointed out graphic footage of the deceased gunman, wearing a tactical vest and armed with a rifle, apparently of Hispanic appearance. [Graphic video here/Graphic photo here]

Also on Twitter, people listening to police radio said he was a Hispanic gunman hours ago.

It looks like the MSM hasn't figured this out yet.

They're publishing pictures of white people standing around.

A mall shooter was taken down by a local public-spirited citizen in Indiana last year. This Texas mall apparently "banned" guns, which is too bad, because Texans have a long record of fighting back.

However, Texas has lots of cops, and one happened by while this guy was trying to commit mass murder.

At the moment, we don't know if this is an Immigrant Mass Murder, a Disgruntled Minority Massacre, or an act of deliberate terrorism.

Here's one thing we do know:

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