A French Reader Writes On French Election Demographics
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A French reader writes:
Hello Steve, 

I m one of your long time French readers and I really appreciate the work you are doing. 

I m give you some interresting numbers about the french elections : 

- the difference in term of voters was 1,130 Millions between Sarkozy and Hollande.
Source : http://www.lemonde.fr/resultats-election-presidentielle/ 

- Muslims voters ( church goers - about 2 millions )  are massively leftist. They vote at 93% for Hollande. 

Source :http://www.rue89.com/rue89-presidentielle/2012/05/07/le-peuple-de-droite-est-toujours-la-et-bien-la-231961 

- Jewish from Israel are massively pro Sarkozy ( 92 % of Israel French Jews voted for Sarkozy). 

Source : http://www.rue89.com/rue89-presidentielle/2012/05/07/le-peuple-de-droite-est-toujours-la-et-bien-la-231961 

- Dom Tom ( about 2 millions): black tropical Islands [like Martinique in the West Indies] are aslo massively pro Hollande : about 65 % for Hollande. But not as much black Americans. 

Source :http://www.lemonde.fr/resultats-election-presidentielle/ 

So as Obama, Hollande was not the winners of the white vote. Actually Sarkozy was the large winner of the White. Most of rightist political commenters recommands the Sailer strategy to the right, go righter and whiter. 

Hope to hear your thoughs about it even if you are not a big french politics followers.

Thanks. I can't read French, so, if you do, check these links out for yourself. There doesn't seem to be much demographic analysis of the French election available in English.
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