Hillary, NYT Triple Down on Defending Virtue of Alicia Machado, Immigrant Adventuress
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From the New York Times:
Donald Trump Bashes Alicia Machado Again, Alleging a ‘Sex Tape’ (Without Evidence)


… Mrs. Clinton responded later in the morning on Twitter by calling Mr. Trump “unhinged” and said his treatment of Ms. Machado was unwarranted.

Unlike the presidential candidates, Bobby Abreu appears to be maintaining a dignified silence, so far.The real policy question here, of course, is what kind of vetting are immigrants given before they are handed citizenship and the vote?

Commenter ATX Hipster says:

You’re right Trump should be hammering his issues 24/7. But Ms. Machado is his issue – she is the physical embodiment of the raw deal Americans have been getting on immigration for the past 50 years. What could make the ideological split more vivid than having Hillary trot this woman out in front of America and say, “This is the kind of person I want to bring more of into the United States”?

Usually the Left shows us outliers, or at least somewhat respectable immigrants with redeeming qualities – hard-working Dreamers – and tries to convince us they’re representative of the broader immigrant population. Now they’ve given us somebody that embodies every negative stereotype Americans have about Hispanics – trashy sexuality, prone to erratic fits of violence, and an anchor baby by a drug lord – and make it abundantly clear that if you want this woman and her family and their car on blocks next door to you, then Hillary is your candidate.

I don’t want Trump to spend a ton of time or energy on it, but ignoring something that plays to his narrative so well would be a mistake.

On the other hand, the problem for Trump is that it would look better if he were talking about immigration policy, while his surrogates were pointing out that Mrs. Clinton’s Killer Example turns out to be a perfect illustration of what’s wrong with current immigration policies.

But The Megaphone can pretty much ignore anything said by anybody who isn’t, personally, Donald J. Trump. They have to cover him, which is how he’s gotten so far over the last 15 months.

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