Heroin Smuggling: "So Far From God, So Close To The United States" Is Worse For The US Than Mexico
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The old adage is that Mexico is cursed by its distance from God and it proximity to the United States. In fact, the opposite is true.  Mexico is blessed by its proximity to the United States.  It is Divine Punishment for America to be so close to Mexico.  Exhibit 1,476 in the indictment of Mexico for its crimes against the United States; a flood of high quality heroin.  Gracias por nada, caballeros.
USA Today by Paul Giblin June 12, 2014
Heroin's Hidden Journey
Nearly All Heroin Fueling A U.S. Resurgence Enters Over The 1,933-Mile Mexico Border.
Nearly all of the heroin fueling a U.S. resurgence enters the country over the 1,933-mile Mexico border, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
Customs officers in Nogales have seized more heroin in the first six months of fiscal 2014 than during each of the past three full fiscal years, Agosttini said.
Most is hidden in vehicles crossing through ports of entry like the bustling Nogales gate. Smaller amounts are carried in on foot by men dubbed "mules," hiking established desert smuggling routes. Some is ferried in by plane or boat.
Most is taken to stash houses in cities near the international line — San Diego and Los Angeles; Tucson and Phoenix; and El Paso, Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville, Texas. From there, operatives drive loads along interstate freeways to destinations across the country. The operations are highly compartmentalized, said Douglas Coleman, special agent in charge of the Phoenix Division of the DEA.
Heroin, cocaine, Central American juveniles.  What accursedness is our proximity to Mexico.
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