Heroic Effort By Virginia's Corey Stewart Shows Nationalism Lives
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It was agonizingly close, but populist candidate and Trump supporter Corey Stewart lost to useless consultantcuck Ed Gillespie in the Virginia gubernatorial primary. Gillespie is of course one of the worst candidates who has ever lived, practically a caricature of a GOP Establishment type. But his money and endorsements ultimately overcame Stewart, who campaigned hard on the need to protect Confederate monuments.

Interestingly, Gillespie reportedly took up the Confederate cause at the last minute. [No, Ed Gillespie Doesn’t Support Removing Confederate Monuments, Gillespie Campaign, June 12, 2017] This last minute pandering may have saved him.

The people who should be especially frustrated are Trump supporters. Stewart was a fanatical defender of President Trump during the campaign as Virginia State Chairman, memorably championing the Republican candidate even when the party turned on him after the Access Hollywood tape. Stewart was fired for his trouble but still backed Trump.

Now, because Donald Trump remained silent, Stewart was narrowly defeated in a primary he could have won. And instead, an Open Borders, PC, GOP Establishment loser will be the one who will take Trump's party down to an almost inevitable defeat in November.

Is there hope for Ed Gillespie? Only if Corey Stewart can somehow figure out a way to save him by turning out the GOP base in rural Virginia. If he does, he'll once again show the strength of character and selfless dedication which ensures his political career still has a future. Though Gillespie won tonight, if he indeed loses in November, it's impossible to believe he still does.

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