Obama Regime Re-Engineering The Military's Past With Retroactive Affirmative Action Medals Of Honor
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The Naval Service Medal Of Honor

Not content to re-engineer the U.S. armed forces in the present, the Obama Regime—known to some as America's Minority Occupation Government—is re-engineering the military's past as well.  In this instance, to be fair, it is not doing so alone.  The retroactive exercise in medal inflation that Newsmax.com reports was originally mandated by the Congress in 2002:

President Barack Obama will award the Medal of Honor to 24 Army veterans found worthy after a review of those who may have been overlooked because of their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

The decision to honor the veterans—including 19 who are Hispanic, Jewish, and African-American—with the nation's highest military commendation follows a Congress-mandated review to ensure that eligible recipients were not bypassed because of prejudice.

24 Overlooked Vets Get Medals of Honor After Army Prejudice Probe, By Todd Beamon, Newsmax.com, February 22, 2014

It is not as though those soldiers' valor had gone unnoticed; every one of them had been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross—second in precedence only to the Medal of Honor—for the actions in question.  But that's not good enough for Congressional liberals and their allies in the Obama Regime.  Although it might be tempting to think that Minority Occupation Government only came to America with the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, we should realize that America had already been living under a largely white-imposed Minority Occupation Government for many years before.

That this review was an exercise in retroactive affirmative action was obvious from the first: 

The Army conducted the 12-year review under a directive from Congress in the 2002 National Defense Authorization Act. The law required that the record of each Jewish American and Hispanic American veteran who received a Service Cross during or after World War II be reviewed for possible upgrade to the Medal of Honor.[emphasis added]

The Pentagon said the Army reviewed the cases of the 6,505 recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars and found an eligible pool of 600 soldiers who may have been Jewish or Hispanic.

The Army also worked with the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, the Jewish War Veterans of the USA and the American GI Forum, the largest Hispanic-American veterans group, to pinpoint potential medal recipients. [Emphasis added again; isn't it nice to see that the Army works with such disinterested parties to identify "overlooked" heroes?]

This is entirely of a piece with the ongoing revisionism in American history to teach Americans that everything of worth that has been accomplished in America is somehow due to the heroic efforts of anybody but the white Americans who actually built the United States.  That is a very convenient narrative for those who wish to create an incompetent U.S. military led by over-promoted women and minorities (and now, of course, those of sodomitical inclination).

There was a similar  rewriting of history, under the GW Bush administration that time, to make it appear that the black Tuskegee Airmen had played a pivotal role in winning the air war over Europe, when in fact they made up a somewhat below average USAAF fighter group.

We will see much more of this agenda-driven make-believe.  The only thing that surprises me about this latest episode is that the Army bothered to find five white men to include in this award-inflation charade.

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