Helpful Huckabee - To Treason Lobby
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So former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has signed up to try derailing the run of interest in ending Birthright Citizenship, according to Huckabee Opposes Changing 14th Amendment, Setting Himself Apart From GOP Again Sam Stein The Huffington Post 08-12-10.

Huckabee generously contributed a dollop of rhetorical snake oil:

Speaking to NPR, the 2008 presidential candidate and current Fox News personality noted that the Supreme Court had decided "in three different centuries" that birth in the United States assured one U.S. citizenship. The discussion, in essence, was moot.

(Sounds neat — but just a slick phrase. The iniquitous U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark judicial legislation was in 1898. The matter has not reached the Supreme Court since.) readers will not be surprised to find Huckabee on the side of the Treason Lobby. As I pointed out in Huckstering Huckabee 29 April 2007, that is where he has always been.

The only question is if he is speaking up out of programmed obedience to the cheap-labor-gobbling agri-business outfits which rule his home state of Arkansas, or sycophancy to his neocon present employer, Fox News.

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