Help Educate And Steer Wonder Boy And His Minions
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In response to the news that Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is the apparent candidate to succeed Michael Chertoff as Secretary of Homeland Security, NumbersUSA leader Roy Beck blogs on his reactions (and on readers' reactions to Roy's reactions) here and here. Roy points out that, for immigration-sanity patriots, there are potential pluses to Napolitano in addition to her well-known minuses.

Anyway, Roy suggests that, since the "administration-elect" provides us the opportunity, we should weigh in with comments on immigration policy. VDARE readers are certainly well-informed on the subject, so why not share your knowledge, mixed with some eloquent heat?

The actual online form to use is here. Note that the only required identifying information on us submitters are email address and ZIP code. I also provided my name, city, and university phone number.

Here's what I knocked out over a few minutes:

Most American public officials, most certainly including Obama and Biden, know essentially nothing about immigration. They're, instead, caught up in cheap slogans ("We're a nation of immigrants." WRONG!) and bogus icons (It's NOT the "Statue of Liberty." It's "Liberty Enlightening the World," and it has NOTHING TO DO with immigration.). Most important, they've forgotten — if they ever knew — that the United States exists to benefit its citizens, not to be a flophouse for the rest of the world.

Our immigration system isn't "broken" and doesn't need "fixing." Current laws are largely just fine.

What's needed are:

1. Relentless enforcement of the law against both illegal aliens and their employers. Serious law enforcement will get a large fraction of illegal aliens to leave, as demonstrated by the small, state-level enforcement measures currently succeeding.

2. Absolutely no amnesty or amnesty-by-euphemism ("regularization," "bringing them out of the shadows," yadda yadda yadda).

3. Reduction of legal immigration to an all-incusive, non-piercable, non-evadable cap of 50,000 people per year, including all categories: Employment-based, family reunification, refugees, and asylees.

4. Denial of any and all public services to illegal aliens.

5. Enforcement of the rule on sponsors of immigrants that they're responsible that said immigrants not become public charges.

6. An end to dual citizenship and an insistence that the naturalization requirements be rigorously enforced.

7. An end to public services and voting & official election materials being available in languages other than English. This is consistent with the naturalization requirements being taken seriously.

Go to it, in battalion strength, VDARE readers!
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