Heather Mac On Trump Trashing And The Weirdness Of Our Public Culture
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Before everyone forgets last week's anti-Trump hysteria, Heather Mac Donald's take on it is worth reading, the more so as Heather is not a Trump fan.

She points out the absurdity of all the swooning and screeching over Trump's coarse remarks in a public culture that is way coarser:

If any of these newfound exponents of female modesty felt any comparable nausea at the blatant display of female sexuality … in Beyoncé’s acclaimed rock video “Formation,” say, they kept it to themselves. Beyoncé and her female chorus line rhythmically thrust their butts, crotches, and breasts to the camera, while Beyoncé brags of her sexual prowess …  [Trumped-Up Outrage by Heather Mac Donald; City Journal, October 9th.]
I have bowdlerized slightly.  You can read Beyoncé's lyrics at that link, though you should not do so if children or supervisors are in the room.

A little further down the post, Heather reproduces some even cruder lyrics from a song by Jay Z, Beyoncé's husband.  Wife and husband were both favored by a meeting with the Clintons in September, and both have been guests at the Obama White House.

President Obama has singled out Beyoncé for praise, and the singer is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, to not a word of protest from Clinton regarding her status as a role model for young girls.
Of course not.

There is something radically weird about our public culture.  A primness that would be appropriate in a nation under sharia law, where women appeared in public wearing burkas that leave nothing but their eyes visible, coexists somehow with the possibility of attaining wealth beyond the dreams of avarice by publicly vocalizing in the grossest, coarsest diction imaginable.

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