Heads Up to Politicians
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Washington politicians should take note of yesterday's municipal election in Herndon, Virginia, where voters axed the supporters of a taxpayer-funded job center for illegal alien day laborers

Herndon voters yesterday unseated the mayor and two Town Council members who supported a bitterly debated day-labor center for immigrant workers in a contest that emerged as a mini-referendum on the turbulent national issue of illegal immigration. [...]

The council voted 5 to 2 last August to establish the center, but yesterday's vote created an apparent 6 to 1 majority in opposition. [Labor Site Backlash Felt at Polls In Herndon |Three Who Supported Immigrant Center Ousted, By Bill Turque and Nikita Stewart, Washington Post,, May 3, 2006]

No surprise here. Citizens are sick to death of the treasonous politicians who daily violate their oaths of office by refusing to protect the nation from foreign invaders. Americans are particularly furious when the streets are filled with thousands of illegal aliens demanding everything we have.

(Check out the pictures I took on Monday in San Francisco at the May Day Mexo-Marxist festivities.)

VDARE.com observed the electoral justice last year when St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly was sent packing by the voters in an election that included a strong immigration component of a Hmong nature.

Indeed, on the rare occasions when citizens get to vote about immigration and related issues, they generally make the right choices, e.g. Props 187 and 209 in California and Prop 200 in Arizona. Pro-English, anti-bilingual measures do similarly well. Prof. Huntington's book Who Are We? contains a table (pg 167) showing Language Referenda 1980-2002, in which 11 out of 12 were decided in favor of English.

Washington politicians, you have been warned.

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