Headline: White hunter charged with murder
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In the story I blogged about earlier, [Hmong Shooter Picks Wrong Victim] James Nichols, the white ex-convict who said he'd survived an attack by a Hmong hunter has been charged with first degree murder—he seems to have lied to investigating officers about the facts of the case. (For example, by pretending he was hunting with air rifle in the woods, when he was actually hunting with a shotgun, a technical violation of his probation.) However, note the headline

White hunter charged with murder in slaying of Hmong hunter in Wisconsin woods

By ROBERT IMRIE Associated Press Writer

(AP) - MARINETTE, Wisconsin-A white man was charged with murdering a Hmong hunter in the woods in a slaying that rekindled racial tensions in Wisconsin and raised fears among Southeast Asian immigrants that the killing was payback.

You rarely hear, especially in a headline, that a black person has been charged with anything. In fact, you have to work hard just to find out that wanted criminals, still preying on the public, are black.

I'll repeat that the only time I saw the headline "Black Charged With Fraud,"it was Conrad Black.

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