Anti-Black Bias In Federal Prosecutors
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Media Mogul Conrad Black, that is. The New English Review has a piece called The tragedy of Conrad Black, intermezzo, which describes the prosecutorial misconduct that Paul Craig Roberts has often written about here, and quoting his book, The Tyranny Of Good Intentions.

The trial by attrition of Conrad Black has exposed the dark underbelly of the legal system, where the government can ruin a man, take his property, his means of livelihood, and make him a social pariah – all without the hassle of securing a conviction. There is an insidious little worm that has crept into the legal system, an iconoclastic mentality that is distorting the rule of law. Focused less on securing justice than on bringing down the high and mighty, all the while pandering to the politics of envy, it affects the entire system of corporate governance.

And as I remarked a while back, this is the only case where you're likely to see a headline that says " Black charged with fraud."

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