He's Got A Little List (Ben Shapiro, That Is)
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CrM0F4sVIAATAyw.jpg largeI'd be flattered at finding myself on Ben Shapiro's list of "20 alt-right-friendly or alt-right people/outlets," if the list wasn't so obviously thrown together in a hurry, without much thought.

Why include both VDARE.com and Peter Brimelow, both American Renaissance and Jared Taylor?  Where's the Chateau?  Does Shapiro know that Joe Sobran is dead?  (If he does know, why isn't Sam Francis also on the list? Or James Fitzjames Stephen?  or Catherine the Great? or ...)  What's Ron Paul doing on the list?  He's a libertarian.  Here on the Alt-Right we eat libertarians.

Most to the point, why am I last on the list?  Grrrr.

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