He Had Sex With A What???
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Described as a "transient" and a "Mexican citizen working as a laborer" 31 year-old Junio Trenta is being held in a Florida jail in lieu of $13,000 bail.

(It is probably more than safe to assume he is an illegal immigrant, ok?)

His crime? Having anal intercourse with a dog...excuse me, a "male dog" as the newspaper felt compelled to mention.

[Indiantown man accused of sex with puppy by Gabriel Margasak Scripps Service 6/21/06]

When confronted by police, this sicko actually suggested that it was ok because it was his dog...no, I'm not joking.

So I have a question: Did the recent Senate Amnesty Bill include language to keep bestiality freaks like Junio Trenta off that Path to Citizenship? I don't think it did because I don't think any of our Senators could have envisioned such a scenario...well, maybe Teddy Kennedy.

In any event, we'll keep an eye on this one to see if he gets deported. Any bets?

P.S. Thank you to my dahhhling friend Tim for the tip although I may have to punish him for the disgusting image now floating around the otherwise semi-decent recesses of my dirty mind.

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