He Had Sex With A What???
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June 22, 2006, 12:57 AM
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Described as a "transient" and a "Mexican citizen working as a laborer" 31 year-old Junio Trenta is being held in a Florida jail in lieu of $13,000 bail.

(It is probably more than safe to assume he is an illegal immigrant, ok?)

His crime? Having anal intercourse with a dog...excuse me, a "male dog" as the newspaper felt compelled to mention.

[Indiantown man accused of sex with puppy by Gabriel Margasak Scripps Service 6/21/06]

When confronted by police, this sicko actually suggested that it was ok because it was his, I`m not joking.

So I have a question: Did the recent Senate Amnesty Bill include language to keep bestiality freaks like Junio Trenta off that Path to Citizenship? I don`t think it did because I don`t think any of our Senators could have envisioned such a scenario...well, maybe Teddy Kennedy.

In any event, we`ll keep an eye on this one to see if he gets deported. Any bets?

P.S. Thank you to my dahhhling friend Tim for the tip although I may have to punish him for the disgusting image now floating around the otherwise semi-decent recesses of my dirty mind.