Go, Lou Barletta!
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Let us raise our hats to Louis Barletta, Mayor of Hazleton, Pa. who is in Philadelphia tomorrow to testify at Senator Arlen Specter's hearings on the Kennedy/Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill.

The hearings will be televised on C-Span (curiously, at this point, I cannot find that the same day House Hearings will be equally equally treated).

Barletta knows what he is talking about.

It says a great deal about media access management in America that the opponent slated to object to Senator Specter's wishes is, to put it bluntly, so obscure, and frankly, so inexperienced in dealing with the national media. VDARE.com wishes Barletta well.

It is also interesting that the concomitant Republican discovery supporting the Amnesty/ Immigration Acceleration measure is so rich.

The fact is, interests are diverging here, in a new way..

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