Hazelwood East: White Girl Beaten In 97 Percent Black School In St. Louis
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Earlier: Nicholas Kristof, NYT: ”If Only There Were A Viral Video Of Our Jim Crow Education System” and Contra Nicholas Kristof, There Are LOTS Of Viral Videos Explaining De Facto School Segregation. Just Google ”Beatdown”

Here’s video, originally from Twitter, of a white schoolgirl being beaten by black schoolmates at  Hazelwood East High School, in St. Louis, Missouri.

One commenter, who got 7.2 million views, believed she had died, and that the attacker would go free:

He got Community Noted, to the effect that

Readers added context they thought people might want to know

The suspect is arrested. The charge is an attempted murder.


The victim is in the critical condition but alive.


That last link is to:

Hazelwood East High School Brawl Victim Not Dead, Says Police | Social Media Rumors Debunked

The teen who sustained serious injuries in a brawl near the Hazelwood East High School is not dead. St. Louis Police Department has confirmed that she remains hospitalized debunking the rumors on social media

By Abhishek Bhatia, Times Now, March 12, 2024

I don’t know what will happen to the black girl, or if the white girl will survive, but here are two things worth knowing about this St. Louis high school, via Greatschools.org:

One is the test scores:

And the most important, the Student Demographics—Hazelwood is 97 percent black, 2 percent white:

Do anything you can to avoid sending your children to such a school.

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