Hasta La Vista, Illegals!
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June 03, 2008, 07:01 PM
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I love a sniffly going-home story about a cry-baby foreigner who doesn`t feel welcome any more. Like we should put out the welcome mat for illegal alien job thieves. Boo hooey (in Spanish of course).

Here`s Mexican whiner du jour, Hector Salinas:

It was the constant fear of being detained by U.S. immigration, especially after the relative with whom he shared a home in West Kendall got stopped while driving without a license. After that, they sold the car and got around with great difficulty on a bicycle.

Finally it was the loneliness. He did not bring his wife and young children, whom he had not seen for 2 1/2 years, for fear of the risk of arrest and detention. "I never lacked for work, but I never felt good here," Salinas, 43, said in Spanish one recent afternoon, his last in Miami before boarding a plane to Mexico City. "The patrones pay only what they want. You live with very little, and then you`re also alone, and always fearful of arriving at work and having them come looking for you.

"I don`t like living with this uneasiness."[More Immigrants Choose To Leave U.S., Go Home, By Andres Viglucci, Melissa Sanchez And Jack Chang Miami Herald,  June 01, 2008]

That`s right, bub. Lawbreakers are supposed to feel uneasy, although complete terror would be a preferable emotion. And didn`t you understand you would be exploited? Illegal Mexicans wear an invisible Kick Me sign, and employers like it that way.

Have a swell trip home, Hector, and don`t forget to tell the family and friends how mean Americans are toward illegal aliens. Hooray for attrition!