Attrition Bonus—Legal Immigrants Leaving Too, In Sympathy With Their "Persecuted" Amigos
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Here's another example of the attrition strategy working very well. Virginia's Prince William County adopted a simple measure that would require police to check the status of persons arrested for crimes. You would think storm troopers were on the march to hear all the whining about what is really basic law enforcement.

"Even after they passed that July resolution, I had hope that [the supervi sors] would change their minds," said Diaz, 37, who has legal status but worries about relatives who do not. Now, she noted bitterly, "I'll be selling [the townhouse] at a loss. But I don't care. I no longer have any affection for this place that treats us this way. I just want to get out." [...]

"I feel like when this county was growing, when they needed us, they welcomed us Latinos with open arms," [Jose Ventura] said. "But now that the county is all grown up and times are hard, it's totally turned its back on us. They are so ungrateful." [New Fear Leads Both Legal, Illegal Latinos To Leave Pr. William | Random Sweeps Are a WorryBy N.C. Aizenman Washington Post October 22, 2007]

Who knew that ruffling sensitive feelings would make so many pack up and leave? Oh and Americans are "ungrateful"—what boo hooey.

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