Harris Miller vs. James Webb
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One June 13, Virginia Democrats will will be choosing between noted author and highly decorated soldier James Webb and wealthy lobbyist Harris Miller in their Senate Primary. Now, Harris Miller was one of the leading architects of the H-1b worker replacement program.

Just who is Harris Miller? Well according to his Wikipedia biography :

In 1995, Harris Miller became President of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA). Since that time and until his Senate run, he has promoted the interests of Information Technology firms throughout the United States. Miller, through ITAA, provided Congressional testimony many times in favor of increases in the H-1B visa quotas, defense of L-1 visa abuse, and support of offshore outsourcing of American jobs.

Harris has been good friends and business associates with Former Lt. Gov Don Beyer and former Governor and 2008 Presidential hopeful Mark Warner.

Now, the other factor is it is generally agreed that Harris has virtually no chance of beating the incumbent Republican-while if he makes it through the primary, Webb just may be able to win in conservative Virginia. This is a race for what is left of the heart and soul of the Democratic party.

If the Virginia Democrats choose Miller as their standard-bearer, this would be an insult to every working American—especially those that have been affected by expansion of guest worker programs like H-1b and L-1. If they choose Webb, the Democrats will have a chance at gaining a credible senate voice on defense and foreign policy issues they have lacked since Sam Nunn retired.

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