Happy Thanksgiving From VDARE.com!
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We here at VDARE.com are busy with the family, celebrating this particularly delicious American cultural occasion, Thanksgiving.

We are especially grateful for you, our readers and donors.

VDARE.com is a non-profit journalistic enterprise, the main project of the VDARE Foundation. We publish data, analysis, and editorial commentary in a variety of formats. We inform the fight to keep America American.

Since its inception, VDARE.com has taken its place as the premier website for patriotic immigration reform and continues to publish multiple posts a day covering the unsustainability of US immigration policy and a broad spectrum of related Politically Incorrect topics, including the National Question.

What is the National Question?

The current Merriam-Webster definition of “nation-state” is “a form of political organization in which a group of people who share the same history, traditions, or language live in a particular area under one government.” The National Question is, in short, an examination of how long the US can continue as a coherent nation-state in the face of current immigration policy.

We argue that the US is in fact a nation-state as defined above, with a unifying history, traditions and language. Regarding the viability of its future, unless something is done, and quickly, the prognosis is not good.

It is only because of your support that we are able to continue.

From our family (both human and feline) to yours, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Gobble Gobble,


D0nate to VDARE.com.

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