Happy Saint Patrick's Day, 2010
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The Roman Catholic Bishop Of Londonderry, Seamus Hegarty, having failed to make peace in his own Northern Irish Diocese, wishes to export Ireland's problems to America, legally or illegally:

Bishop of Derry hopes for US immigration reform


UNDOCUMENTED IRISH: BISHOP OF Derry Dr Seamus Hegarty has called for support for the undocumented Irish in the United States.

In a St Patrick’s Day message, he said that he was particularly conscious of their circumstances. ”While hopes may have dimmed that comprehensive immigration reform will occur this year, they have not been extinguished,” he said. ”It is only by addressing this issue that people may be brought in from the margins of society, enabling them to integrate and contribute fully to their host community.”[More]

I would have thought that, as the Roman Catholic Bishop of a city like Londonderry, violently divided between Protestant and Catholic, would realize that some people don't want illegal colonists to "contribute fully to their host community.”

This is what I said last year:

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all our Irish readers, our Irish-American readers, and to legal immigrants from Ireland. (As for illegal Irish immigrants, you can buy a one-way ticket from New York to Shannon fairly cheaply.)

In honor of St. Patricks’s Day, check out St. Patrick’s Day Explained To England, by Peter Brimelow, and The Camp Of St. Patrick and Ganging Up On America by me.

Peter Brimelow’s column was an attempt to explain the St. Patrick’s Day parade to the readers of the London Times in the ’80s, and mine attempt to explain that nineteenth century Irish immigration was not an unmixed blessing.

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