Happy New Year! Ann Corcoran's Refugee Resettlement Watch Annual Roundup
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a2493e5822dae79e22ab9a8823ba9371_bigger[1]We've written many times about the amazing Ann Corcoran and her Refugee Resettlement Watch. Ann has a family, but early on New Year's Day she somehow found time to post a summary of her activities in 2014:
I can hardly believe it! In mid-2015 Refugee Resettlement Watch will turn eight years old and interest in the subject is growing exponentially. Thanks to all of you who visit every day for making this our best year ever in terms of the number of readers!

We’ve posted a lot too—964 posts—which brings our total number of posts since 2007 to 6,185. WordPress sends a year-end review and noted that our longest posting streak (without missing a day) was January 1-March 11, 2014.

Recently I am happy to report, as I did a few days ago, that interest is growing in the posts on where to find information about what is happening in your US cities. Of course, the next step is taking your interest and developing strategies to get active politically! I have some ideas I hope to share with people as I take advantage of opportunities to speak publicly. Coming soon!

These were Ann's most read-posts in 2014:
The "refugee" inflow into the U.S., discussed extensively on VDARE.com by Thomas Allen, was triggered by its own separate statute (the United States Refugee Act of 1980) and is basically an expedited, subsidized immigration program for some 70,000-100,000 politically-favored foreigners annually—most notoriously Soviet Jews.  Like last summer's Kidinvasion, it has also effectively given Leftist social engineers in Washington D.C. an opportunity to colonize the Heartland.

In a rational world, the 1980 Act would be repealed, or at least amended to cap the inflow at say 25,000, as our very moderate Thomas Allen has suggested. That would be at least some compensation for the massive Chamber-of-Commerce skilled immigration pig-out that GOP leaders Boehner and McConnell are rumored to be planning.



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