Haiti's Story Is Appalling And Depressing—And There Are People Who Blame This On Whites
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In my article Demography And Destiny—The Clock Is Ticking I talked about how untrustworthy population numbers are, and mentioned PNG, the nation of Papua New Guinea. I told you that it occupies one half of a big island in the Indonesian archipelago, and that with all its problems it is not the most chaotic and ill-governed of the world’s nations.

Well up in the competition for that title is a different country that also occupies one half of a big island in an archipelago, but in the other hemisphere—our Western hemisphere. That would be Haiti. How are things going down there?

Not well. I resort again to the excellent Daily Mail, reporting on Monday this week. Opening lines of the story:

It was once a symbol of hope. Haiti: the first black republic and first Caribbean state to declare independence. Now, it symbolises only death and despair.
Haiti in chaos: Capital is taken over by gangs who murder and kidnap at will - with families forced to listen to hostages being gang-raped until they pay ransoms of up to $1million
By Chris Pleasance, December 5, 2022

Yeah, Haiti’s in a bad way. The president, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in July last year at his own home, probably by narcotics traffickers. There has still been no arrest.

The country today is run by criminal gangs who, says the Daily Mail  ”are free to kidnap, murder and commit atrocities such as gang rapes at will.”

There’s been a cholera epidemic, apparently brought in by troops of a U.N. peacekeeping mission. That mission not only failed utterly to keep any peace, it ended with allegations of sexual abuse by the peacekeepers.

Natural disasters have made things worse: a colossal earthquake in 2010, a major hurricane in 2016. Still, a country with any kind of organized government and spirit of law-abiding civic nationalism should, in a few years, be able to recover from such misfortunes. Japan has major earthquakes; Florida has serious hurricanes.

Haiti’s story is appalling and depressing. Read the Daily Mail report and weep for them. Then go to Ibram X. Kendi or any other purveyor of Critical Race Theory and learn how it’s all the fault of white people.

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