Haiti’s Latest Descent Into Chaos So Bad Haitians Can’t Even Get To The Airport To Be Admitted Illegally By Biden
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Shed a tear for Haiti, which is a strong contender for the title Worst Country in the World. Last weekend gangsters attacked the nation’s two largest prisons, releasing all the prisoners other than some they killed.

Now the gangs control the capital.

There are no elected officials in power and there have been no elections in almost a decade. Ariel Henry, the 74-year-old Prime Minister, has been Haiti’s nominal leader since the President was assassinated in 2021. He was abroad when the gangs struck; he hasn’t been able to return because they’ve shot up the airport and left it unusable.

Nothing else works either. Water and food in the capital are scarce. Only one hospital is still functioning; but they are overwhelmed and running low on blood.

And that’s not all! Haiti is one of the nine nations whose citizens can fly to the U.S.A. on easy terms—using the CBP One app in their native countries in spite of being inadmissible [Government Admission: Biden Parole Flights Create Security ’Vulnerabilities’ at U.S. Airports, by Todd Bensman; CIS.org, March 4, 2024]. Right now Haitians can’t do that as the gangs have trashed their only airport.

Not to worry, though: I bet our State Department will have a team over there to get the airport back in working order real soon.

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