Guilt By Association: Leftist Condemns Buchanan For Quoting
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A man named Jose Miguel Leyva, [send him mail] , wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago criticizing Pat Buchanan for quoting us as a source in his latest book. It's a fairly typical piece of SPLC-type character assassination.

Buchanan draws quotes and numbers from places like the controversial anti-immigration website to support his claims. A casual glance at his references for Chapter Five, for example, reveals that VDare columnist Steve Sailer is cited six times. Sailer's work consists primarily of articles on race and IQ. It is typified by an article on Hurricane Katrina, where he blames the disaster and deaths on African Americans with low IQs who were ''too shortsighted to worry.'' That Buchanan relies on such sources betrays where he is coming from.[XENOPHOBIA Blaming all ills on immigrants By Jose Miguel Leyva, Oct. 18, 2006 .]

The idea that it's indecent to quote us is highly annoying. But one reason that Pat Buchanan quotes us is that there's analysis and reporting on that's not available anywhere else.

The four Sailer pieces from quoted in Chapter Five (Suicide of the GOP) of State of Emergency are not about "Race and IQ, " they're about voting behaviour.

What Sailer wrote there is, as I said, analysis that's not available in the Mainstream Media, even nominally conservative media, which believes that the Hispanic vote is a major factor in elections. Other material quoted in State Of Emergency includes pieces by Ed Rubenstein, (based on data from the Centers For Disease Control) and Allan Wall, (based on translations of Mexican newspapers.)

The article Leyva quoted, which is apparently supposed to invalidate everything Sailer writes on politics, does not actually blame African-Americans for the government failures during Katrina—it blames the Bush Administration.

No, the perfect storm was actually the combination of social and governmental incompetence at local, state, and federal levels—and unmentionable racial reality.

Republican Presidents are supposed to provide adult supervision for crooked Democratic urban machines. But the White House is now occupied by George W. Bush, a politician so irresponsible, so uninterested in proficiency and honesty among his minions that late last year he tried to appoint as Secretary of Homeland Security the egregious Bernie Kerik.

The full context for Sailer's quote is this:

It also should have been expected that a large fraction of New Orleans's lower class blacks would not evacuate before a disaster. Many are too poor to own a car, or too untrustworthy to get a ride with neighbors, or too shortsighted to worry. [September 03, 2005 Racial Reality And The New Orleans Nightmare]

Leyva's attempt to smear Buchanan for quoting us is a form of prejudice and bigotry, which attempts to suppress dissent by excluding it.

The weird thing is that he works for the Progressive Magazine, which is always going on about "McCarthyism" and which, in a "Guilt By Association" note, tried in 1979 to publish the plans for a nuclear bomb.

You remember Woody Allen's joke in Annie Hall? "I heard that Commentary and Dissent had merged and formed Dysentery."

That's what The Progressive has been like for years. And as far as I'm concerned, their immigration reportage stems from the fact that the fall of the Soviet Union left them short of a country to betray the United States to, and they're looking for a new one. But if someone quotes them, I won't insist that he's reponsible for everything they ever said from the days of LaFollette to their modern-day enthusiam for Muslims.

That would be ridiculous.

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