Guerilla Politicking From Home: An Opportunity For Readers
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In our era, the focus on federal-level political campaigns and on fund-raising for those campaigns has become almost ceaseless. It dies down briefly immediately following each election but then resumes within a few months.

Or at least it seems that way to me: I receive a steady stream — often several per week — of begging letters, usually disguised as opinion polls, from the Republican National Committee and the corresponding organizations for Senate Republicans and House Republicans. Presumably people who lean Democratic get bombarded with analogous pleadings from the corresponding organizations on the left. (I occasionally receive a Democratic one myself.)

In my experience, these fund-raising letters from the party-level organizations always include postage-paid return envelopes, and therein lies our opening for expressing, at no charge, a bit of grassroots disgust with our masters of the universe on the subject of illegal immigration: Whichever party infests your mailbox, you should be able to make good use of one of the adjacent faux peso notes.

This is actually a renewed opportunity, an enhancement from a blog entry I did in May, 2010, since now — besides faux peso notes showing Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush — there's one available with a picture of Wonderboy (the Little Prince) on it.

So here's the suggested drill:

1. Download the desired image(s), each being a JPEG file of about 50 kB, to your own computer. (Instructions for those who are even more computer-allergic than I: Place your cursor over the "peso" image, right click [or left click, I suppose, on a mouse used by a leftie], select "Save Image As," browse for a place on your machine to save it, and click "Save.") 2. As the begging letters from the party organizations arrive, print the needed copies of the appropriate peso note(s). In my experience, printing from these files actually yields two of the images on a single 8.5" X 11" sheet. If you use the backs of already-printed pages from your recycle bin, your only cost will be toner or ink for your printer. 3. If you have the energy, customize your peso note with something like "End LEGAL immigration, too — it's of no benefit to citizens." (I do this in red ink.) Enclose it in the envelope, along with the poll to bulk it up. (I never bother to fill out the poll, even if it includes a window-dressing question about immigration policy. And I leave intact my pre-printed name and address on the poll; the begging letters, nevertheless, keep coming.)

Generally, this will only be a free-to-us exercise for begging letters from the party committees, because donation requests from individual candidates rarely include postage-paid envelopes. (I actually do donate real dollars to some candidates, e.g. Lou Barletta so far in this round.) I can think of several candidates, though, for whom I would splurge on a first-class stamps in order to send them faux pesos.

I also regularly receive opportunities to contribute to the George W. Bush presidential library. Since these, too, come with postage-paid reply envelopes, I always send them back with my George-Bush-peso contribution.

Obama Peso

GOP Peso

Peso Dem

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