Greece, New York: Police Allow Blacks` Wrecking Of Festival
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Greece, New York, is a small town of 94,000 (94% white) which for 20 years had had the pleasant tradition of having a Festival for Youth. This multiple-day Carnival raised funds for local youth charities.

No longer. This is because Greece has the misfortune to be adjacent to the city of Rochester, which is 39% Black.

Greece Festival for Youth Cancelled After Fight By Casey J Bortnick June 2, 2010 is very PC, but you can get a hint of the message:

After 20 years of giving teens a safe place to have fun together, the Greece Festival for Youth has been cancelled for good. The cancellations comes after a fight broke out between 300 teens Monday night.

The damage is palpable:

"We've put a lot of heart and soul and work into this event and we really like to work with kids, and serve special need kids in particular …it's disappointing," said Bill Selke, festival chairman… "after 20 years I do hate to see this thing be cancelled. We have certainly supported a lot of youth groups, we've given away over $200,000 through that event"

The blog A Race Against Time does not flinch from the facts

Seabreeze Amusement Park in Irondequoit, NY was unexpectedly closed this Memorial Day...the Rochester Police Department said there were rumors of a large fight to take place at the park.

Rochester youths were forced to find a new location for their mayhem. They settled on The Mall at Greece Ridge, where an annual charity carnival called the Greece Festival for Youth was being held, and used social networking sites to get the word out.

…black youths from the city have been responsible for a number of large fights at the Greece mall in recent years. Black youths used to congregate at Irondequoit Mall, but their ominous presence scared off white suburbanites (who used the mall for its intended purpose - to buy merchandise - rather than to simply loiter and fight), and that mall closed earlier this decade.

So the score is one Mall and one charitable Festival (apparently) destroyed and another Mall endangered. Diversity is strength!

Extremely culpable in this debacle is the Greece Police Department, which made no arrests. No doubt it was afraid of being accused of racial profiling. But if the authorities cannot/will not protect their citizens from cross border depredations, what use are they? is delighted to see A Race Against Time back after a long pause. It has done excellent work in the past.

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