Great Replacement Update / El Paso: Border Patrol Encounters Jump 134 Percent In First Half Of FY ’23
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Bad as the Great Replacement invasion is for all the border agents who defend the 1,951-mile frontier with Mexico, for those living in El Paso, it must be an absolute nightmare. For the first half of fiscal 2023, which began October 1, Border Patrol Sector Chief Anthony “Scott” Good reported a 134 percent increase in the Border Patrol’s illegal-alien encounters over last year. Thus far, the figure is 265,037. If that 1,456-per-day pace continues through September 30, border agents will have dealt with the near equivalent of El Paso’s population of 678,415.

And that number doesn’t count the 16,538 encountered at ports of entry. That number jumped almost 280 percent over last year’s 4,460. Overall, encounters with those illegals, handled by the CBP’s Office of Field Operations, jumped almost 254 percent. Laredo Sector jumped a whopping 519 percent.

Total encounters for the El Paso sector: 281,575.

That figure is 23 percent of the 1,223,067 encountered borderwide, a number that itself exceeds last year’s six-month total of 1,062,393.

Two days after Good tweeted the grim number for El Paso, the National Border Patrol Council offered its assessment of Traitor Joe Biden. Newsflash: The latest assessment hasn’t changed. The union isn’t too fond of Waffle Cone Joe.

That aside, the numbers remind us that Biden’s border policy is not a failure. It’s doing exactly what he and the Treason Lobby planned: flooding the country with Third World illegals to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation.


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