Great News - And A Scare. ONE OLD VET Back But THE NEW OBSERVER Falters
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H/T Pic One Old Vet

For dreary personal reasons I have not been able to blog much recently. So I am late in applauding an event which in the patriotic blogosphere is as important as the arrival of Donald Trump in the world of electoral politics: the reactivation of the One Old Vet website

A year ago with a heavy heart I had to post ONE OLD VET Ceases Publication: Please Thank This Great Patriot. DON’T Thank FAIR, CIS or NUMBERSUSA. Now this elderly, unwell man has returned to the crushing posting pace which makes his site the best news aggregator for following America’s Immivasion disaster on the internet.

OOV has also an eagle eye for a good illustration – I used to call him’s Art Director! I expect his return will directly improve our site.

Apparently offsetting this heartening news was The New Observer’s Monday Important Announcement

…this site will no longer be updated.  There are three main reasons for this: Continuous rampant cut and paste copying of our articles onto other sites; the resultant demoralization of our writers after their hours of work is just stolen, and the lack of response to fundraising efforts.
The New Observer is an entirely different operation to One Old Vet. It was supplying acute analysis of select stories, and apparently has considerable language resources – many of the news items were in a remarkably wide variety of European languages. It was the best source on Europe's "Refugee" disaster.

I did a number of commentaries based on their work, always I hope with suitable acknowledgement, limited quoting, and linking.

On Tuesday The New Observer posted Statement from the Publisher

Thank you to all those who have expressed their support, both morally and financially. The TNO staff have been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.

After discussions, the TNO team have decided on the following course of action:

  1.  We will continue with the website, as per the numerous requests and demands from yourselves.
  2. We will reach out to those sites who are copy and pasting our hard work with the request that if they do copy our stories, they only use the first paragraph or two and then link to the rest of the story on TNO.
This is nice, but who knows how long it will last? It is frightening on what slender threads Patriotic sites hang. (N.B. OOV on a major impediment.)

I urge readers to bookmark and frequently visit these great resources.

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