Governors Push for H-1b Corporate Welfare!
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Anne Broache writes at CNET
A congressional push this year for an increase in the H-1B visas coveted by Silicon Valley companies seemingly evaporated with the death of a contentious immigration bill. But 13 state governors say the politicians must revive that effort—and soon, please.

Claiming "a critical shortage of highly skilled professionals in math and science to fill current needs," the band of chief executives on Tuesday sent a letter urging U.S. Senate and House of Representatives leaders to forge ahead with upping the number of the temporary H-1B visas and permanent-resident green cards. Click here to view a copy (PDF).

The signatories represent a number of tech-industry-heavy states, including Govs. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Rick Perry of Texas, Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Chris Gregoire of Washington and Eliot Spitzer of New York.

This means it is now time to write to your state legislators and educate them on the H-1b issue-and the governor's office in your state.

Basically, the issue has gotten a little hot for congress to touch-so the lobbyists that bought congress years ago, have to cast a wider net.

The thing is, state government is a lot more responsive. Gregoire, for example got her office by a 48% plurality and a margin of a few thousand votes(and allegations of dubious vote counts in some urban Democratic strongholds).

I can easily imagine that some of these governors could be made to greatly regret this stupidity and corruption.

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