Government: Illegals Apprehended Should Be Immediately Imprisoned Pending Deportation
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Not Gitmo: Israel's Sahorinim Prison

Israel's Govenment, of course.

The yawning chasm between Israeli and American immigration policy has yawned some more. Haaretz reports:

The State Prosecution has asked the High Court of Justice to reject a petition by migrants' rights groups against the Prevention of Infiltration Law, claiming the law is constitutional and reasonable. …the prosecution said. “Its impact on freedom is for a worthy cause, it is suited to the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state…

The law permits the detention of migrants for an unlimited period of time, though it sets three years as the point at which their release might be considered. The law does not distinguish between migrant workers and those who cannot be deported to their countries of origin because their lives are at risk there. The law also allows children to be detained for an unlimited period, which in theory could result in children growing up behind bars.

State: Law that allows detention of 'infiltrators' without trial is constitutional By Revital Hovel May 14, 2013

This taking some fortitude on the part of the Netanyahu Administration

In an unprecedented development, the United Nations has intervened in the petition. During a hearing on the petition two months ago, William Tall, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' representative in Israel, was in attendance, bringing with him five asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan

Additionally, steps are being taken to cut down the numbers held

Human rights organizations are furious over a plan by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to formulate guidelines for the "voluntary" repatriation of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants held in Israeli jails.

Three months ago, Haaretz reported that the state had "voluntarily" repatriated about 1,000 Sudanese nationals via a third country, without informing the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and in defiance of the agency's view that such repatriations would endanger the migrants' lives. The state also gave Eritrean nationals in the Saharonim detention center a choice between staying in jail for at least three years, as permitted under a law that took effect last year, or signing voluntary repatriation forms.

Until then, both Sudanese and Eritreans had enjoyed group protection in Israel on the grounds that repatriating them would endanger their lives.

Israel's AG to draw up guidelines for 'voluntary' repatriation of jailed Eritrean, Sudanese migrants By Ilan Lior Haaretz May 13,2103

Weinstein is in an awkward position because a considerable number of African immigrants who arrived before the Sinai border fence became effective and who are living in Tel Aviv are behaving predictably

Tel Aviv District Police statistics released in February indicated a 53.2 percent rise in the number of crimes committed by migrants in 2012 and a steady rise in criminal incidents involving Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators living in the greater Tel Aviv area and especially in the city's south.

Weinstein: There is no magic solution for infiltrator problem Israel Hayom Monday May 13, 2013 (Note continued spin by Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper)

Netanyahu remains resolute:

“Just as the Chinese defended themselves and barricaded themselves with the Great Wall, so we will continue to fortify ourselves along the southern border, the Golan Heights and on all fronts.”

PM in China: Israel’s security fences modeled on Great Wall By Adiv Sterman and Gavriel Fiske The Times of Israel May 9, 2103

I look forward to Mickey Kaus further challenging Queen Jennifer Rubin on her double standard.
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