Gov. Peter Shumlin: Treason Lobby's Man In Vermont
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We need illegal immigrants...but who is "We" ?

(Vermont's Governor Shumlin)

It speaks volumes for the MSM that it is only from the enterprising young blog Occidental Dissent that even a specialist like myself gets to learn of Vermont’s New Immigration Policy posted on November 6th.

This deals with the recent extraordinary remarks and action of Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont:

Gov. Peter Shumlin says state troopers should not try to arrest people just for being in the U.S. illegally… "Vermont farmers can't survive without workers from outside America," Shumlin said. "That's just the way it is. We've got to keep our dairy farms strong, so we've always had a policy in Vermont where we kind of "look the other way" as much as we can.

Vermont enforce new immigration policy Nov 05, 2011.

Shumlin is of course talking rancid rubbish, as I reported in August 2009: Family Dairy Farms: Killed by Illegal Immigration

American milk production is experiencing arguably excessive increases because of the rise of huge “factory” dairy farms in thinly populated Western states like Idaho and New Mexico. This is only happening because the operators there can import large quantities of cheap illegal labor.

Allowing Vermont farmers to employ illegals will only drag out the torture: the only way to save the family dairy farm is to curtail illegal immigration. The big Western operations are simply more efficient–if they can pig out on Serfs.

But the Vermont Dairy Industry's problem is that the Vermont Democratic leadership is dogmatically committed to the Treason Lobby: a disgusting Delegation ranking D-/F- according to NumbersUSA. Shumlin is not about to challenge this – agonized family farmers do not count.

Beyond this, of course, there is a trend: Treason Lobby Democrats see that Administrative Amnesty is not challenged, nor are expansions–so why not continue?

Where is the GOP?

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