GOP Delays Loretta Lynch Confirmation Due To Grassroots Pressure—“We’ve Got To Protect Our Phony-Baloney Jobs!”
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A story called Ted Cruzs immigration gambit in Politico [By Manu Raju, February 11, 2015] seemed to suggest that no one in the GOP was paying any attention to Ted Cruz’s protests over Obama’s illegal amnesty, or Cruz’s plans to block Loretta Lynch because of it.

But a later story Politico story on the GOP decision to delay confirming Loretta Lynch shows that they actually are paying attention. [Republicans delay Lynch, accuse Dems of 'faux outrage', By Seung Min Kim, February 12, 2015]

Why?  Grassroots pressure. I’ve often said, even if the GOP can’t see the light, they can feel the heat, a phenomenon expressed by Governor Lepetomane in Blazing Saddles as “We’ve got to protect our phony-baloney jobs!”  See AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Supports Obamnesty. The GOP Can Block Her. Will It? for more.

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