GOP Debate: NumbersUSA is Liveblogging
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The GOP "Undercard" debate, above, of the seven out of 16 GOP munchkins whose poll numbers are too low to allow them to sand on the state with Donald Trump, is now over. [Full Transcript here and here. ]

Next comes the debate of the serious candidates—the ones who might beat Donald Trump, so that they can lose to Hillary. Among the non-serious candidates, however, Santorum once again mentioned reducing legal immigration, be cause immigration is all about numbers.

And I put forth an immigration policy that is as strong in favor of the folks who are struggling in America the most than anybody else. It's the strongest pro-worker immigration plan. It says that after 35 million people have come here over the last 20 years, almost all of whom are unskilled workers, flattening wages, creating horrible opportunity — a lack of opportunities for unskilled workers, we're going to do something about reducing the level of immigration by 25 percent.
And speaking numbers,  NumbersUSA liveblogged the undercard, and has an excellent summary. They'll be liveblogging the serious debate, of the Republican rivals of Donald Trump. Go here for their coverage.
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