GOP Congressman: "Should One Of Our Own Lose On The Issue, You Will See Panic Break Out"—And About Time
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This from that bastion of secure borders, the Wall Street Journal:

"House Republicans are already spooked about immigration, and should one of our own lose on the issue, you will see panic break out," one GOP congressman told me. At the same time, several GOP pollsters, led by Whit Ayres, say their surveys show it is vital that Republicans pass some immigration bill this year to prove they can govern."[Is Cannon Fodder? |One GOP congressman may lose his seat for his pro-immigration views, while another offers a compromise. By John Fund, May 30, 2006]

With fingers crossed in hopes that Cannon is history - and without going into the nonsense of the Pence proposal - I make the observation that the GOP, as the party in power, may want to demonstrate that it will actually enforce existing law to "prove they can govern."

Fat chance.

Memo to the GOP—any legislation that allows illegal aliens to remain is amnesty.

No bill is far better than a bad bill. What the Senate has given you is beyond a bad bill. It is suicide.

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