Asok Gets Outsourced
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If you don't read Dilbert on a regular basis, then you may not know who Asok the Intern is:

Asok, pronounced ah-shook, was introduced to satisfy the hordes of interns who wrote to request their own character. Asok is brilliant, but as an intern he is immensely naive about the cruelties and politics of the business world. His name is a common one in India (but usually spelled Ashok).

The last two Dilbert cartoons deal with outsourcing and immigration, here's today's

Asok:Wally, My job has been outsourced to India.

Wally: [who always says the wrong thing]That's interesting because you originally came here from India

Wally: Did you already think of that?


and check out yesterday's, (even better) here.

UPDATE: This is from 2004, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dilbert outsourced

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