Google vs. Bing on "What Is the Unz Review"
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From Google:


Screenshot 2017-12-14 02.39.05

From Bing:


Screenshot 2017-12-14 02.40.36

From DuckDuckGo:


Screenshot 2017-12-14 04.05.15

The good news is that Google’s Boxed Warning from the Anti-Criticism League probably doesn’t much matter because if you type in “unz review” (instead of “what is the unz review”) you’ll get the, you know, Unz Review as the first choice and the ADL’s warning about the Unz Review having cooties as only the fifth choice. But still …

This is not to accuse Bing and DuckDuckGo of not wanting to do what Google is doing. Perhaps the difference is that Bing and DuckDuckGo are smaller and thus can’t afford the manpower to manipulate search results as much?

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