Google Employees Gentrifying The Mission District: Threat Or Menace
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The radical left has turned its all seeing eye on high-tech. Despite the millions that Apple, Google, and the rest of Silicon Valley turn over to Obama, the cultural Marxists are never satisfied. Obviously because there is nothing new about these "cultural" Marxists that separates them from just plain Marxists. Political power is the exercise of State power. And a hatred of all things white. It appears that the Marxists who populate San Francisco just plain hate white people and their high IQs that result in them getting hired in Silicon Valley, consequently making high salaries. And the cultural Marxists think it is "a white thing." And a little envy from a white girl reporterette who got a useless liberal arts degree from an overpriced college and is quite envious of the younger, richer, white people with technical degrees.

SF Gate February 8, 2014 by Heather Knight
Where Tech Buses Roam, Affluence Follows
Which came first, the Google bus stop, the two-bedroom apartment for $10,500 a month, or the new place that sells organic fruit juice and nut milk for $12 per serving?

All of the above exist on Valencia Street within blocks of each other, and a freelance journalist living half a world away has shown that they have interesting connections.

Chris Walker, 29, lives in Mumbai, India, with his girlfriend, who works in international development. He recently used San Francisco city government's open data programs to map the bus stops of those controversial private shuttles that carry tech workers to their offices on the Peninsula and in Silicon Valley.

While many neighborhoods around San Francisco contain Walker's "clusters of affluence" - from the Castro to South of Market to North Beach and more - the Mission is ground zero.

But the white dominated cultural Marxists like Knight don't like the influx of white people with jobs.

Not everybody's convinced. At Cafe La Boheme, a 41-year-old cafe on 24th Street near Mission, some of the regulars are a bit disgruntled. Antony Spencer, 76, lives in the Haight but frequents the neighborhood where his Brazilian bands used to rehearse. He played the agogo bells.
He said the modern-day Mission is marked by a lot more white people, a lot more wealthy people, more "upscale-y" cars and fewer spontaneous gatherings on the street.

"Before, the neighborhood had a lot more community - you had the sense people knew each other," he said. "There used to be a time when everybody sitting around coffee shops was talking or reading. Now look around."

What Knight and Comrade Spencer don't tell you is that the "spontaneous" gatherings that they speak of were generally Hispanic gang crime. This blogger knows of a "spontaneous gathering" in the Mission where a fellow white grad student was beaten to death at an ATM machine in the heart of the Mission in the early 90s.

Note also how the very white Heather Knight and the also very white Anthony Spencer make it seem that he is nothing but a revolutionary person-of-color by emphasizing that despite no connections to the Mission, he does something very of color-ish in a Brazilian band by playing some obscure instrument that most white people have never heard of. It is, of course, nothing more than blame whitey for a non-existent problem, in fact, blaming whitey for improving a neighborhood that was nasty, brutish, and ever so very dangerous.

This is not the first time whitey was blamed for improving the Mission District. Back in the nineties, during the first high-tech boom, the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project was in full swing. Purportedly a reaction of people of color to whites moving into the Mission, which itself was once an Irish neighborhood, it was just another cultural Marxist reaction to educated and employed white people and the claim that immigrants of color had squatters rights on certain parts of San Francisco.

That project failed with the collapse of and the rest of the Clinton boom-times. But it looks like it is the end of people-of-color, Asians excepted, in San Francisco. Just a matter of supply and demand. The Silicon Valley does not build apartments anymore, except for the elite of Silicon Valley, home ownership is unobtainable because greenbelts have ended home development in the Peninsula. There is no where else to go for high-tech workers except San Francisco and the increasingly retro-hip areas of Oakland, which is happily resulting in the ethnic cleansing of Oakland as well. In the end, the white hipsters of Twitter, Google, and Apple want an urban experience, but without the negatives such as being beaten to death at an ATM with a baseball bat. That is sort of a white hipster thing. They like nonthreatening people-of-color like Obama, not the real black people.

But it appears that San Francisco's new Chinese overlords are having none of this nonsense. Expect the Non-Asian Minority Eradication Program to continue. Google buses are the symbol of whites taking back San Francisco. Next thing you know they will be electing a Republican Mayor.

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