Google CEO: Lagos, Nigeria Represents "How Things Will Evolve Over the Next Ten to 20 Years"
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From City Journal, we find out what Google CEO Sundar Pichai, last in the news being forced to fire James Damore by underling Susan Wojcicki’s hissy fit, is up to:

Lagos: Hope and Warning

Nigeria’s mega-city, bursting with opportunity but strained with disorder, offers a cautionary preview of the future.

Armin Rosen July 8, 2018 …

“Lagos has been a hustler’s paradise,” Kola Tubosun, a linguist and programmer tells me at a Google-organized conference at the recently opened Landmark Center, near the Lekki coastline. During a talk a few minutes earlier, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had spoken as if Lagos were a guide to what the future would look like. “We have to come to places like this to see how things will evolve over the next ten to 20 years,” Pichai said.

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