GOOD NEWS!!!??? About Trump's Wall From WASHINGTON EXAMINER'S Byron York
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It goes without saying that many immigration patriots are extremely fed up with Trump's tardiness on immigration. But there are still a surprising number of optimists— one is our Washington Watcher, although he claims to be too busy with Inside-The-Beltway intrigues to explain quite why just now.

Another seems to be Washington Examiner's Byron York, who we've noticed many times. His While other controversies rage, work on border wall moves forward (May 29, 2017) is a remarkable discussion of the sophisticated planning for the wall that is already underway:

Although it hasn't received much attention relative to the president's many problems, extensive planning for the wall is under way, officials are evaluating specific proposals, sites are being studied, and yes, there is money available to get going.
Read the whole thing, but here York makes two especially interesting points. First:
There's no doubt that hundreds of miles of truly impenetrable barriers would have a huge effect on illegal border crossings. Talk to some experts who favor tougher border enforcement, and they will say that even as few as 100 well-chosen miles of barrier would make a difference. (Emphases addes).
This puts the bipartisan foot-dragging over the last thirty years even more culpable—in fact, treason. As York notes, "some Republicans believe Democrats oppose the wall mainly because they fear it will work."


Last year, with the Obama administration still in office, a number of Border Protection officials traveled to Israel to study that country's highly effective barriers; they came home big believers in a smart wall.
That's perhaps some consolation for President Kushner's failure to schedule a visit to the Israeli wall into his father-in-law's recent trip.

York concludes:

After the recent spending bill passed, some opponents of the wall declared the project dead. (Sample headline: Vanity Fair's "How Trump's Wall Failure Will Forever Doom His Presidency.") But any victory dance right now is premature. Yes, it's certainly possible the wall won't be built. But it's also possible it will be built, or that significant parts of it will be built. The work is already under way. (link in original).


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