Golfers and Divorce
Thumb sailer
December 07, 2009, 03:38 AM
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I haven`t tried to look at the numbers, but my impression is that tour golfers have a higher divorce rate than is typical for men of their backgrounds: 95-120 IQ, some college, middle-class-to-wealthy upbringings, high levels of work ethic and emotional control, low to medium levels of gregariousness. Most articles I`ve read breaking down the high burn rate of golfers` money (they don`t get free travel or lodging like team athletes do) include a line item for alimony. Presumably, it`s the travel. Two quick divorces, though, are unusual: the caddies called Hal Sutton "Halimony" because he was paying two ex-wives, not the usual one. A whole passel of divorces, like John Daly`s, is quite unusual—he`s never fit in on Tour culturally, and wouldn`t have been out there but for his otherworldly skills.