Golfers and Divorce
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I haven't tried to look at the numbers, but my impression is that tour golfers have a higher divorce rate than is typical for men of their backgrounds: 95-120 IQ, some college, middle-class-to-wealthy upbringings, high levels of work ethic and emotional control, low to medium levels of gregariousness. Most articles I've read breaking down the high burn rate of golfers' money (they don't get free travel or lodging like team athletes do) include a line item for alimony. Presumably, it's the travel. Two quick divorces, though, are unusual: the caddies called Hal Sutton "Halimony" because he was paying two ex-wives, not the usual one. A whole passel of divorces, like John Daly's, is quite unusual—he's never fit in on Tour culturally, and wouldn't have been out there but for his otherworldly skills.

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