German Asylum Centers Riot
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For the Muslim Violence file: more reports of ungrateful “refugees” beating on each other, according to tribe, which appears to be pretty common.

On Tuesday there was a mass brawl at an initial reception center for refugees, which had to be ended by police forces. According to the police, the violent confrontation was caused by a controversy between an Afghan and an Albanian refugee in a washing facility. Within a short time this expanded to a confrontation between Afghans and Albanians in which, apparently, iron bars were used. In addition, observers reported that a firearm had been seen, which could not be found by police even with tracking dogs. Three people have been taken into custody; five were injured.

Also on Tuesday evening, there was a mass brawl in Brunswick involving 300 to 400 refugees from Syria and Algeria. There police had to intervene with 60 officers to calm the situation.

The newbies are such barbarians that one German town issued rules of expected behavior, like don’t urinate in public, etc. Sadly, a stern list won’t have much effect on the angry Muslim boyz, whose culture commands deadly jihad against infidels.

Why would German Chancellor Merkel invite guaranteed violence and chaos into her country? Liberal virtue? She apparently still believes she is a superior humanitarian, despite the mess.

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