George Grayson on Calderon
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I still maintain a guarded optimism about the new Mexican administration of Felipe Calderon, who has certainly hit the ground running in his new presidency (see here , here and here.

I notice too that George Grayson, Mexico-watcher at the College of William and Mary, is giving Calderon high marks. In a recent interview in the Mexican media, Grayson said of Calderon that “he has begun his presidency excellently - a grade of 10!- better than any other president in the recent history of Mexico.” [‘Calderón inició con 10 combatiendo al crimen’El Siglo de Torreon, January 14th, 2007

Calderon faces enormous challenges, as Grayson sums them up: "fighting poverty, narco-trafficking, Mexico's big monopolies; he has to attack the bottlenecks in the economy."

Grayson suggested that, in going after Mexico’s various monopolies, Calderon should go after the pharmaceutical companies first.

Regarding immigration, which is the real question of interest on VDARE.COM, Grayson commented that

Calderon knows quite well that there is no magic powder to resolve the problem of migration. It will be in domestic affairs in which the president can have his greatest success.”

Calderon would do well to concentrate on Mexican domestic affairs, where the challenges are certainly great enough, rather than meddling in U.S. immigration policy.

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