George Floyd Hoax, One Year Later: Massive Rise In US Homicide Rate
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 Prophecy Fulfilled! A Memorial Day For George Floyd

From Steve Sailer: "George Floyd died on Memorial Day 2020. Granted, George Floyd did not, technically, die fighting in the nation’s armed forces in some half-forgotten war. But, in a higher sense, did he not die fighting in the New America’s greatest and most long-running war: against racism, against white supremacy, against statistical disparities in racial performance, against hair-touching?

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Black Lives Matter Insanity Is Leading To A Massive Rise In The US Homicide Rate

From Pedro Alvarado: "Ever since George Floyd acquired the status of Sainthood last summer, a significant portion of Americans embarked on a blood libel campaign of epic proportions against the white population.

"The hysteria was so pronounced, that looney concepts such as 'defund the police' became an accepted part of political discourse. A sober society would laugh such proposals out of the venue. Alas, we no longer live in a sane country."

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Also from on the George Floyd Racial Reckoning:

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