Geert Wilders Demands Netherlands Reject Bogus Refugees
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Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, has been a leader against hostile Islam for years, and he is naturally unhappy to see the insanely dangerous invasion of Europe occurring now. He recommends the Australian solution of turning back the migrants before they arrive, a technique which has worked.

He recently spoke on a Youtube message in Dutch aimed at a national audience, but his remarks hold true for all of Europe.

Hello everyone. In The Netherlands we’re overloaded with asylum refugees. It’s an invasion threatening our prosperity and our country. The Hague blandly abandons us. Premier Rutte keeps our borders wide open for fortune-hunters. We must save our country.

Of course real refugees must be taken care of. However, that must be done in the region itself, not here. The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, those sorts of rich countries, take care of a meager couple of hundred refugees annually.

In The Netherlands, many thousands arrive every month. That can no longer be done. Every refugee costs us €36,000 annually. They receive free medical care, a house, government care. Never have these people contributed a single cent to our economy. Even so, billions are spent on them, while our elderly are left out in the cold.

I can’t understand why we allow that. Our borders must be closed. We must send back every asylum seeker. Only then will the flood stop. Only then will unscrupulous smugglers lose their business. Only then will no more people drown.

Let’s do what Australia does: ”Send them all back”, send them all back. Mr. Rutte doesn’t do that. He neglects his duty.

Help the Party For Freedom save our country. It’s time to close our borders. It’s time to stand behind our own flag. It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands.

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