Gearing up for Iraqi Immigrants?
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I was looking at Justin Raimondo's site, this morning.

I noticed a London Times story by Deborah Haynes in Basra, Richard Beeston and Greg Hurst on pressure on the UK government to take more Iraqi refugees. What I think is of interest to US readers is that:

Last month Denmark granted asylum to 60 former Iraqi staff and their families before its forces withdrew from the south. The US has said it will take in 7,000 Iraqis this year, including former employees.

Somehow,I think arrangements could be made for other countries—maybe other Muslim countries—to accept these folks. The issue just isn't the US or UK or certain death in Iraq.

These visas aren't free regardless of what the military thinks with their strange accounting practices. With chain migration, 7000 initial visas will cascade over time.

Additional Iraqi immigration is just one more cost of the war.

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