Gary Johnson: Invite The World, Invade...Other Worlds?
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Apropos of my post on May 31 about libertarian loons (or do I repeat myself?), Mediaite brings us this tidbit from Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president. He told George Stephanopoulos on This Week that we really must go where no man has gone before and settle other planets:
Gary Johnson’s climate change remarks on ABC’s This Week this morning today took an unexpected turn when he invoked interplanetary policy.

George Stephanopoulos asked Johnson about his past comments about global warming that the sun’s gonna destroy us all in a couple billion years anyway.

Johnson laughed and said it was “a little humor” about a serious subject.

And as he was serious, Johnson said, “What it points to also is that we do have to inhabit other planets. The future of the human race is space exploration.”

The thought that this dope tycoon could cost Trump the election is distressing to say the least. Maybe he’s smoking too much of his product.

Space exploration is not the future of the human race. The future of the human race is on Earth, which liberals and libertarians are wrecking with suicidal trade, immigration and environmental policies based upon the myth of Economic Man.

Johnson’s comments about the sun me remind of an old joke about three astronauts, one Polish, one Russian and one American.

The three spacemen are talking about their next journey to the stars. The American says the United States will go to Mars. The Russian says his country will put on a man on Venus. The Pole announces that his country will travel to the Sun.

“The Sun,” the other two ask incredulously. “How so? You’ll burn up.”

Pole: “We’ll go at night!”

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