Games on Both Sides of the Border
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Bryanna Bevens's recent article on College Republicans playing a game that involves catching pretend "illegal immigrants" is especially timely considering this recent article in the Christian Science Monitor by Sara Miller Llana on a Mexican theme park that has a game in which the object is to cross the US border.
Welcome to Mexico's take on adventure tourism, a five-hour trek that goes well past midnight. Residents pay to walk in mud past their ankles, balance on ledges – in pitch black – that drop steeply, and sprint across corn fields, kicking up dirt and rocks as they run from fake US border patrol officers dressed in camouflage. The park was begun by the H?ah?u, an indigenous community in El Alberto that has been decimated by immigration to the US. Bernardino Martin, El Alberto's municipal leader, says the attraction has been criticized by some people as a training ground for would-be illegal immigrants.
Now, if that exclusive country-club in DC could just pretend to be a government. Just for a few days.
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