Gallup: "Americans" Favor Democrats On Immigration—AMERICANS Do Not.
Print Friendly and PDF readers know all about pollaganda, but bitter experience suggests that GOP congresscritters are quite stupid enough to believe today's MSM party line e.g. Poll: More Americans align with Democrats on immigration, by Kevin Liptak, July 15 2012:

In the ongoing attempt to reform the nation's immigration system, more Americans find themselves agreeing with Democrats than Republicans, according to a poll released Monday.

The Gallup survey indicated 48% of adults said the Democratic view on immigration – which wasn't specified during questioning – most closely aligned with their own. Thirty-six percent said the Republican stance came closer to their view. Another 17% said they didn't have an opinion or that neither side shared their opinions. [Emphases added throughout]

If you actually read Gallup's survey, you see that that the polling organization is much more moderate than the MSM headlines in its interpretation:

The Democratic Party has an edge over the Republican Party in Americans' perceptions of which major party more closely shares their own views on immigration and immigration reform. Much of this, however, reflects straight partisanship, as equally high proportions of Republicans and Democrats prefer their own party. Perhaps more importantly, independents are evenly divided, suggesting that neither party has staked out a meaningful political advantage on the issue.  .

Curiously, Gallup's failure to specify each party's position while polling (admittedly difficult in the case of the schizophrenic GOP)raises the obvious question of whether the respondees know what they were agreeing to. Nevertheless—and even curiouser—both blacks and Hispanics were slightly more likely to favor the GOP's position than their self-reported party identification would suggest.

Following established pollaganda procedure, Gallup did not directly ask its victims whether they supported Amnesty, much less offer them the option of self-deportation and a moratorium on legal immigration. Instead, it asked them if they

...Favor allowing illegal immigrants already in the country the opportunity to become U.S. citizens if they meet certain requirements, including paying back taxes and a penalty, passing a criminal background check, and learning English.

Since there is no prospect that any of these "requirements" will actually be required, the whole question is moot.

More significantly, Gallup reports that non-Hispanic whites still favor the GOP's immigration position, whatever it is, 42%-41%—and that non-Hispanic whites over 50, a.k.a. the people are actually going to vote, favor the GOP position 46%-39%.

In other words, there is no groundswell of support for Amnesty among people who will be voting in Republican primaries and might actually vote Republican in a general election.

And remember, until the disastrous 1965 Immigration Act, these are the people whom the world knew as "Americans."

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