Peter Schaeffer: The Meaning Of "Amnesty"
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Peter Schaeffer writes on the Senate immigration bill:
Paul Ryan says it’s not Amnesty. Believe it or not, he is actually correct. It's far better than Amnesty. 
In a tax Amnesty, you still have to pay your back taxes. In an Amnesty for property crimes, you still have to return the stolen property. 
If this was just an Amnesty for illegals, they would have to pay a fine and go back to their own countries without legal sanction for having violated our immigration laws. 
This is far better than Amnesty. More like winning the lottery and getting a pot of gold. 
The advocates claim that it's not Amnesty because of the trifling fines ($500). Guess what? The 1986 Amnesty had fines too and no one lied about it not being Amnesty. Indeed, the authors admit that the 1986 law was Amnesty. This time, only the honesty to use the 'A' word is missing.
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